Keep everyone in the company included and informed

Promote workplace culture by sharing knowledge, successes, and company updates through posts.

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Knowledge sharing

Company information


Organized content

Lorino helps you create transparent and encouraging environment where

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Employees are informed and involved

Break down the workplace silos. Read about the activities of various departments and all things concerning all employees.
Team working together

Knowledge is shared and appreciated

Encourage employees to create their own content and engage the community interested in these topics.
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Success is recognized and celebrated

Showcase team accomplishments and achievements, recognize awesome work and encourage positive stories.
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Try It Out

The best way to get to know Lorino is to try it for yourself. For this purpose, we have created a Demo workspace in which you can create posts, and check the functionality - all of it for free and without any commitment.

Open Demo Workspace


Create and engage with others

See what others are doing through posts, follow topics to create a personalized feed and engage with others with likes and comments.

Organized content

Everything is organized by tags and topics. The company knowledge base is preserved while also making in-depth search simple.

Community guidelines

Keep inappropriate content out of your Lorino workspace by introducing Moderator roles.

Always know where to find important news

Important company updates can always be found in the Notices section, instead of digging through mail and countless channels.

Data security

Everything you post in Lorino is securely stored and encrypted.

Access permissions

Manage granular access and viewing permissions easier with dedicated user groups.


See what people are saying.

Igor Timarac
“Right after it was introduced in Codaxy, Lorino was universally adopted as our go-to place for sharing pieces of information and catching up on company news. We can no longer imagine going back to our days without it.”

Igor Timarac

CTO of Codaxy

Duško Bajić
“I think that the idea you have is great, and that there is definitely a need for such a solution at Shyft.”

Duško Bajić

Director of Engineering at Shyft