Engage to Retain

Hold on to your top talent by engaging your employees and creating a culture in which everyone feels heard and valued.

Desktop view of the Lorino app, showing the main navigation, and three sample posts. The posts show the main components: topic, content, reactions, and comments.

Are you struggling to keep your employees engaged and involved?

Lorino is here to help you create an environment where everyone can contribute, share experiences, stay connected, and feel a sense of belonging.

Chat, Email, Video Calls

  • Messages get lost in channels
  • Emails are often overlooked in favor of immediate messaging options
  • Long email chains are impossible to search
  • Fragmented conversations across multiple channels are hard to manage
  • Employees may feel their contributions go unnoticed
  • Intrusive notifications are disruptive
A tangled dotted line surrounded by five symbols: a message bubble, the @ symbol, an envelope, a camera, and a lightning bolt.

Employee Apps, Intranets

  • Unnecessary functionalities can be overwhelming
  • Content can be stale or out of date
  • Unintuitive UIs make them difficult to navigate and use
  • They can be difficult to integrate into existing systems
  • Desks-less or remote workers are often left out of the loop
A tangled dotted line at the end of which is a triangle pointing down. The tangled part of the line is surrounded by 5 symbols: a lightning bolt, an envelope, two arrows pointing at each other, a folded note, and a i in a circle.

How much is this costing you?

Organizations with low engagement scores face a


higher turnover rate

Each employee lost can cost the company up to


of their annual salary

Lorino is no ordinary communication tool

Lorino is your solution for a more connected workplace. Improve internal communication, foster collaboration across teams, create a sense of community, and reward effort - all in one place.

A woman smiling and pointing to an example of a Lorino post, which shows the main elements: topic, content, comments, and reactions. Above that is the main navigation within the app: Notices, Feed, and Favorites.

Improve Internal Communication

Post updates, announcements, and other info in bite-sized posts, so everyone can easily stay up-to-date in one feed.

Eliminate Clutter

Let's face it - emails get lost, chat conversations vanish and documents are hard to find. With Lorino, you can easily find what you need and stay organized.

A man smiling while looking at his phone. Bellow that is Lorino’s search feature, showing a search bar and samples of topics.

Centralize Information

Quickly find policies, training videos, design manuals, and other important information with a universal search. Easily target content to teams, departments or the entire organization.

Encourage knowledge sharing

Make sure valuable knowledge is shared and not lost in the depths of someone's hard drive. Create an informal learning environment where everyone can share and gain knowledge in a fun and engaging way!

Point-to-point topology displaying interconnected cards labeled Workshops, Education, Mentorship, and Trainings.

Recognize Achievements

Show your team you care by recognizing their achievements. Celebrate successes and create a positive culture where everyone feels valued, appreciated, and connected.

A woman smiling next to a picture of a Lorino post. In the post, she is announcing that she got a new certificate, while other people are congratulating her in the comments of the post.

Try It Out

The best way to get to know Lorino is to try it for yourself. For this purpose, we have created a Demo workspace in which you can create posts, and check the functionality - all of it for free and without any commitment.

Open Demo Workspace

A Place for Culture

Lorino is here to help you create an environment where everyone can contribute, share experiences, stay connected, and feel a sense of belonging.

Lorino user analytics showing the activity spread in a pie chart and the 5 most active users.

A place for everyone to feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

Let Lorino be your communication hub for a more connected, collaborative workplace. Recognize your team's hard work, bridge gaps between departments, and keep everyone engaged and involved.

Lorino topic analytics showing the distribution of private and public topics, and the 5 most active open topics.

This is why others love Lorino!

Even as a small team we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails and Slack messages coming in. Lorino has been an invaluable asset, helping us stay organized, efficient, and on top of all the important info. I highly recommend Lorino to any organization looking to streamline their communication and keep their team connected.

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Founder of Prospect Labs

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